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New Face Award



TSUDA Daisuke(Japan)


ZEZEHIHI is an online public voting service where you can vote or state your position through social media. Users log in via their SNS account and then select one of two views about a given question, posting their “vote” along with a reason. The questions vary from the entertaining to the political. The website emphasizes writing a reason for your ideas as well as being able to browse the posts of other users. These opinions can then reach politicians and have the potential to change the world. It particularly aims to be a trigger for individual thinking and mass de- bate about important issues that, though hard to decided whether they are completely right or wrong, are everywhere today.

Reason for Award

From “driving politics by the web” to the “mobilization revolution” as rep- resented by the Arab Spring, an “information respiration method” as a means for sifting information, and his theory of “Tweet & Shout” that explored what creative people will be like in the future, TSUDA Daisuke has been unlocking the latent abili- ties of social media, searching for the possibilities for journalism in the post-internet age. ZEZEHIHI is a public voting platform that fully mo- bilizes the results of his research up till now, and we might also call it a media art debut by a media activist. (UKAWA Naohiro)

TSUDA Daisuke


Music Video

Saigo No Shudan (ARISAKA Ayumu / OITA Mai / KOHATA Ren)(Japan)


This music video for the YAKENO- HARA song RELAXIN’ uses stop- motion photography to depict the objects in a room shifting, inserted with Saigo No Shudan-esque nos- talgic hand-drawn animations. A bedroom is the individual world of its inhabitant and each has its own flow of time. The objects there each possess memories, time and at- mosphere, forming a membrane modeled on the inhabitant within a wealth of memory. Within this cos- mic space, this work creates a single shared flux, a wave and a wind, and in which is enclosed a hidden theme and message that expresses time as a constant cycle of changes.

Reason for Award

Combining stop-motion photogra- phy and hand-drawn animation, this work leisurely exemplifies a “relaxed” mood. The stop-motion is particu- larly striking. Diverse objects in diverse people’s rooms move en masse, busily, as if undulating. There is no protagonist, nor are they heading towards a clear destination. The whole space is just grooving and, afterwards, the viewer is left with a unique feeling of having been steadily gazing at the very texture of this movement. Its merit lies in how it is beyond words. It is a video work that feels close to what music is like. (NAKAMURA Yugo)


TorqueL prototype 2013.03 @ E3


Nanmo (YANAGIHARA Takayuki)(Japan)


Rather than the ways of moving like jumps and dashes as used in conventional action games, this 2D action game sees players become a box that rolls and changes shape to reach a goal. With a game design unique among the vast number of existing 2D action games, TorqueL prototype 2013.03 @ E3 feels fresh to play thanks to its simple con- trols, and succeeds in achieving a wide range of levels (the spaces in the game, environments, and level of difficulty). The game is currently available online as a prototype via PLAYISM, Steam, and itch.io. PC and PlayStation®4 versions are be- ing developed.

Reason for Award

Players move a square box ren- dered by simple graphics, extending one side of the box while thinking about physical rotation and move- ment, in order to cross over the blocks in the level to reach the goal. It is immediately fun due to its great perspective and mini- mized rules. The balance between being able to manipulate the box sentiently and thinking in order to move forward is superb, and it en- courages you to reconsider the origin of what makes a video game interesting. Constantly being re- vised and improved post-release, the stalwart efforts of the designer to enhance game performance are also praiseworthy. (IWATANI Toru)

Nanmo (YANAGIHARA Takayuki)