14th Animation Division Critiques

A sense of stagnation and passion on the edge of turbulence

Led by The Tatami Galaxy, which spectacularly won the Grand Prize in the Animation Division of the 14th Japan Media Arts Festival, the four works that won the Excellence Prize and the work that was awarded the Encouragement Prize, add up to an impressive lineup of brilliant animation works. All are truly wonderful works born from the unique talent of the artists, who freely make use of sophisticated composition and powers of expression to create them frame by frame while anchoring their passions on the edge of turbulence in today's creative environment plagued by a sense of stagnation.
The other Jury Recommended Works, which regretfully did not win any award in this year's edition of the festival, are also brilliant examples of the animation that create a rich variety of imaginary worlds.

It is a well-known fact that Japan is the world's preeminent power in the animation field, and yet I would like to cheer and applaud Japanese animators for the maturity of their work.
Film will live forever!

Animation Director
Born in Tokyo, 1941. Involved in a large amount of TV anime appearances, including Astro Boy and Kimba the White Lion. Worked on a string of masterpiece feature animations, starting with Galaxy Express 999 and moving on to Harmagedon: Genma Taisen, Kamui no Ken, Firebird: Karma Chapter, Gekijoban X, and Metropolis. His first full-length CG anime work Yona Yona Penguin was released in 2009.