10th Animation Division Critiques

Animation is about to grow out of the experimental stage of digital technology

The screening was enjoyable because we received a large number of entries with a variety of content reflecting the current situation in animation. The works varied from those of a commercial level to long features for theater showing. It was a plus to realize that animation is about to grow out of the experimental stage of digital technology. However, one negative effect could be that the works showed poor quality in story creation and composition, both indispensable for film making. Even for the production of animation, a theatrical sense is essential. I must stress that concept is essential. Seen in that light, this year's selections include factors that I could not affirm entirely; however, there was the issue of the contemporary aspect being more critical. Especially among the commercially based works, we occasionally came across a weakness in literary quality and theatrical composition. I hope that everyone will rise to a point where they feel that "we must aim for theatrical quality."

TOMINO Yoshiyuki
Animation Director, Creator
Born in 1941. Graduated from Nihon University, College of Art, Department of Film. In the mid-1960s, made TV animations such as Astroboy as director and scriptwriter. Left Mushi Production to be a freelancer. Since then, has handled a great many pieces with continuity and direction for a series of animations. Since the late 1970s gave new inspiration to a genre of robot animations with his own drafting and direction. In 1972, made UMI NO TORITON, his debut in animation film, followed by Mobile Suit Gundam, Space Runaway Ideon, and others made under his direction. Has directed and recently made the theatrical version of Mobile Suite Z Gundam, The Wings of Rean, and many other popular animations.