23rd Entertainment Division Critiques

Bringing Meaning and Value to Our Era

This is my first time participating as a jury member. I normally create designs and commercials for social impact, and it was from that perspective that I carefully observed and experienced these works. While they all differed in genre, message, and material, I was guided by whether or not they had the power to move people. The jury members were all like ferocious beasts of contrastingly different genres, with extremely varied opinions and tastes that lead to an intensely heated and dynamic jury session. The one thing we did have in common was what we all considered most passionately: the question of what it means for something to be new, and the meaning and value it brings to this age. A work may appear to have a new approach yet somehow be lackluster in its direction; conversely, another may contain very analog and nostalgic elements yet have a new perspective. Ultimately, I believe, the ones that moved us were those with a level of enticement and appeal that didn't disregard the viewers' emotions. What I would like to personally request, regarding visually appealing elements in the media, is that they exude a warmth that can make cheeks glow, that they have a strong message that speaks a truth that no one has been able to express, and that they convey new perspectives that let us rediscover enchantment in this world, showing us that greater beauty awaits us in the future. At the same time, such appealing aspects must be fully embodied with a high level of quality. Indeed, even in a world of close connections, high standards are essential. I believe all of this year's award-winning works were ultimately destined to triumph. It is my wish that they will, in turn, lead us to even more new creations.

Communication Director, Art Director