12th Manga Division Critiques

[Critique by work category] Frame Manga, Independent Manga, Web Manga

Last year, there were two works commercially published as a result of prizes awarded by the Japan Media Arts Festival; they were SHIRAI Yumiko's Tenken-sai (Independent Manga), and KYO Machiko's sen-nen-gahou (Web Manga), the latter of which was selected for a Recommended Work two years in a row. Both of them have been well received, and their success may have been what stimulated an increase in the number of applications to this year's Media Arts Festival Manga Division, a rise of 37% compared with the last year.
However, it was a pity that there was not also an increase in the number of exceptional and innovative entries. Of the works selected this year, One Frame Manga, Cartoon 2008, was praised for the consistent and masterful skill of the artist, which is evident throughout the work.
Additionally, the work of a Korean artist, an Web manga advanced county, Yakuzan! Challenge for Healthful Food, was thought to be outstandingly amusing. Considerable appreciation was also voiced for the unique effect of NEKO NO HANGA, which was created using wood block prints, and the humor of KAKINAGURI-MANGA. The key to creating good Web manga is in utilizing the unique aspects of the medium to enhance the entertainment value of the content.

Associate Professor, Meiji University
Born in Kumamoto, 1959. Graduated from the College of Arts and Sciences of the University of Tokyo. Associate Professor, School of Global Japanese Studies, Meiji University. Critic. After working as an editor for Chikuma Shobo, she has occupied her current position since April, 2008. Specializes in Manga Bunka-ron (manga culture). She has delivered commentaries mainly on comics, women, and sexuality. Also she has been on selection committees of Kodansha Manga-sho and Tezuka Osamu Bunka-sho (Tezuka Cultural Award). Director of the Japan Society for Studies in Cartoons and Comics. Her written works include "Watashi no Ibasho wa Doko ni Aruno? - Shojo Manga ga Utsusu Kokoro no Katachi", "Kairaku Denryu", "Shojo Manga Damashii", "Aijo Hyoron", etc.