10th Entertainment Division Critiques

[Critique by work category] Game, Electronic Play Equipment, Character, Others

The majority of applicants were games from business enterprises and one from a serial work. I hope we will have more entries from individuals and more original works in the future.
Apart from unique works such as OKAMI, which picked up the history of Japan as its background, and Rhythm Tengoku, a piece of work which epitomizes today's culture, original works such as Elebits and KARAKURI received high praise. Speaking of serial works, good quality and great works which were well -plotted, such as Pocket Monster Diamond & Pearl, OIDEYO DOUBUTSU NO MORI, New Super Mario Bros, and others, received high acclaim as did as prize-winning works. Among Electronic Play Equipment, Shaberu! DS Oryouri Navi realized a familiar theme using the latest speech synthesis techniques, and AMAGATANA provoked laughter from the Jurists with its extremely original idea.
The presentation of lights and sounds which was seen in RGBy desk and others made us feel it had possibilities for expansion into industrial design. I was pleased with the works of Characters. There were a great number of original works submitted and I could actually feel the improvement in creativity.

Game Producer
Born in Iwate, 1958. Af ter graduat ing f rom Okayama Universi ty of Science, the Facul ty of Engineer ing, the Department of Electrical Engineering, entered SEGA Enterprises (now SEGA Corp.). Two years later, introduced the world&rsquo's first sensory arcade game, HANG-ON. Has created several popular games such as the 3-D CG fighting game, VIRTUA FIGHTER (1993), and a family game, SHENMUE (1999). At present, the Creative Officer and the chief of the AM Plus R&D Division for the SEGA Corp.