12th Entertainment Division Critiques

[Critique by work category] Game, Electronic Play Equipment, Character, Others

It was clear that this year's trend was physicality. The works that drew the most attention from the Jury were generally those that had touchable and movable features, rather than those that relied on the beauty of visual or aural expression. This phenomenon may be partly a sign of the changing times, or perhaps it is merely the reaction of human instinct and desire. While most media and expression tends towards the concept of the cyber-brain, we were fortunate to receive entries that presented a more positive expectation for the next generation. While last year many of the award winners were games, this year other media genres were better represented. The fact that the Grand Prize winner, TENORI-ON, was selected for this division was significant. Overall, it was an interesting year and suggestive of the future of the Japan Media Arts Festival.

Founder and CEO, Enhance / Director, Synesthesia Lab / Project Professor, Keio University Graduate School
Creator, game designer.