10th Art Division Critiques

[Critique by work category] Installation

In the Installation category, there were a wide variety of entries, from large screen projections to sculptures and interactive pieces. In presenting a female boxer fighting against the reality in front of her, whether virtual or physical, front is simple, but its visual impact and sensual impression is fresh. Drives captures as portraits the faces of people in passing cars, through use of a high speed camera. It is impossible for us to stare at the faces of passing people in reality, but this work shows them to us in the style of classical portraits; the ambivalence of this work is interesting. Works such as AQUATIC, from which sounds of water are induced by body movements of a person, or Media Flies, which produces abstract images created by the synergy of the random movement of insects and of the viewers, are not very new with their conceptions, but their interfaces and results are sophisticated. Also, there were impressive installation works that employed familiar materials poetically and with a degree of warmth; uku-fuyu puts feathers dreamily into the air, and PingPongPixel regards each of a number of colored ping-pong balls as a pixel; the low tech of these pieces is quite amusing.

Graduated from the Faculty of Law at Kyoto University. Completed a master's degree course at the Special Graduate Course of Fine Arts, Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music. After working as the chief curator and the artistic director at the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa, was assigned as the chief of planning office at the Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo and a special-appointment professor at the Faculty of Art and Design, Tama Art University. Director of CIMAM (International Committee of ICOM for Museums and Collections of Modern Art). Projects many biennales and exhibitions both in Japan and abroad. Recent exhibitions include "Neo Tropicália" , "Space for Your Future" (Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo); "Marlene Dumas - Broken White" (Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo); "New Sensorium" (MIT List Visual Arts Center); "Media City Seoul" (Seoul City Art Museum).