9th Art Division Critiques

[Critique by work category] Installation

Among this year's applications, there were many works in which the characteristics both of "digital" and "analog" such as with plants and fluorescent light tubes, mechanical structure and lenses are present. In the case of an installation work the human body of the person who is visiting the sight, is integral to it. This is different from media arts where human beings' "eyes and brains" function, as a film, a video tape, personal computer, which people sit and watch. In installation arts, it is important to visit the space where a work is exhibited and feel it with your entire body. This appeals to sensory organs of human beings who feel empathy for analog expressions and we had many works which seemed to try to connect to the analog character which human beings have in their bodies. It can be said that it focuses on the complexity that an analog device has which surpasses digital techniques. However, a work which depends only on the material is not enough. When the stance which an artist tries to exert control over was observed, the audience tended to feel the strength in the work as media art. Award-winning works had this.

TOSA Nobumichi
Maywa Denki
President of the Maywa Denki Art Unit. Clad in a blue work uniform, he performs in the style of workers of small companies who have underpinned the economic growth of Japan. He produces *theNAKI* series nonsense machines using a motif of a fish, as well as original musical instruments: *TSUKUBA* series, and a group of works *EDELWEISS* inspired by fairy tales written by TOSA and advertises their products.