9th Art Division Critiques

[Critique by work category] Interactive art, Others

On one hand, we have a work which blows viewers away with its sophisticated digital technique and quality, on the other hand, we have a work which goes back to the extreme analog mechanism and criticizes technology humorously. Also, we have a progression from a work which is done by personal craftsmanship to a work in which the artist lays out a large scale of collaboration with musicians. I was able to enjoy a variety of presentations in which the categorization of the Interactive seemed to be a question. However, on the contrary, it cannot be denied I had an impression that there were not many works in which elements amazed the audience. In a situation where every work has mastery of technology or presentation, what is necessary is a burgeoning "eccentricity". I believe that the novelty with chimerical charm will create the next era.

Born in Osaka, 1965. Grew up near the grounds of Expo'70 in Osaka and keeps creating art works in the motif of the image of "Ruins of Future". His works with his strong social message within a humorous presentation, such as putting on a radiation detector suit called "Atom Suits" and visiting Chernobyl, are highly appreciated, not only in Japan, but abroad. Exhibitions: "MAGALOMANIA" at the National Museum of Art, Osaka in 2003; "City of Children Project" at the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa in 2004; "Kindergarten" at the Toyota Municipal Museum of Art in 2005; Art and Object: "Affinity of the Jomon and the Contemporary" at the Aomori Museum of Art in 2006; and others.