11th Art Division Critiques

[Critique by work category] Interactive, Others

Interaction is one of the essential qualities of media arts, but a work cannot be completed if you just exchange information interactively with a machine controlled by a computer. What is freshly generated by "touching" or "participating" is important. For example, in experiences a compound eye, a new unnatural experience is produced only by wearing a spherical object with many small holes. Se Mi Sei Vicino does an excellent job of visualizing the reaction which happens when people approach each other. tameiki-majiri where a sigh is released while turning a faucet on is a simple interaction but causes laughter to escape from the viewers' mouth. Adding expressive power to technical capabilities, these aspects will be increasingly required for interactive art in the future.

Professor, University of Tokyo Graduate School
Born in Tokyo, 1945. Originally was an academic of mathematical information theory and theory of communication method. Since about 1985, became interested in the mechanism of communication between people, which was more essential, and proposed Human Communication Engineering. Constructs a new academic field such as Facial Studies and finds much of interest in the boundary between scientific technology and arts. Has held positions such as chairperson of the Institute of Image Information and Television Engineers; chairperson of the Virtual Reality Society of Japan; deputy chairperson of the Japan Society for Animation Studies; and currently also sitting in the post of chairperson of the Japanese Academy of Facial Studies.