9th Animation Division Critiques

[Critique by work category] Short Animation

We had many applications which show exciting possibilities. This festival has a style in which both professionals and amateurs are judged on the same table, so we want to maximize the character of the festival when we execute the screening. For this reason, we had to go through very difficult auditions. However, it became a consensus of the examining meeting that we wanted to place more expectations on young fresh sensitivities even though they still lack in experience and are rougher than finely finished works by professionals. I would like to give spurs to the animation industry where the compartmentalization of professionals and amateurs has seemingly been successfully completed. Creators, who are recognized as professionals, are conservative and seem to avoid challenges by shutting themselves in their own style. Professionals themselves should demonstrate their struggles which would be a model for young artists, and the field of animation should not be a shelter of self protection and a hobby for an individual or a business area where sublimation of individual desire is driven underground. The selected 19 works were all produced by creators who keep challenging themselves and have a range of different stories. Jam the HOUSNAIL and Bip & Bap encourage children. One can observe a stance which tackles animation head-on in The Diary of Tortov Roddle A red fruit; Vaudeville; drop; Birds; CALM; and MY HOME. Viewers would also be overwhelmed by NEGADON-the Monster from Mars. The creators of Consultation Room, Love Room and One of the ways give me a sense of their potential. Also the Grand Prize and 3 Excellence Prizes were awarded to short animations and I do wish visitors to give a look at new talent concentrated in this division again this year.

TERAI Hironori
Creative Director
He is a producer at P.I.C.S. and many of his works have won awards in Japan and overseas.