10th Animation Division Critiques

[Critique by work category] Short Animation Critique

I was able to see many works of short animation this year as in the past. Since we received more entries than last year, I attended the first round in high spirits. In spite of the large number of the entries, the selection went unexpectedly smoothly. Honestly speaking, the works in the short animation genre were not competitive, but those in long animation, TV and OVA (Original Video Animation)were more radical. However, a surprising result came after the final screening. All the prizes except for the Grand Prize went to the works in short animation! Short animation is exciting, because each element, such as conception, idea, esthetic sense, skill and presentation, is characterized by uniqueness and filled with unknown pleasure. As for this year's short animation, except for a few entries, there were fewer works that generated the artists' deep passions and obsessions than last year. We under take this aggressive screening where works are selected in the same arena regardless of the differences in their forms in long, short , TV and OVA animation categories . We wrestle with watching a few hundred films, followed by long and thorough discussions. We do all this simply because it is a joy to discover a talented new creator with potential in animation. This is the ultimate reason!
Congratulations to all award-winners! I also wish future success for all those who were recommended by the judging committee. I deeply appreciate the many artists who submitted their works. And, I look forward to receiving the next round of works from all of you.

Professor, Tama Art University, Animation Artist
Born in Tokyo, 1955. In his boyhood, he experienced a shock with TEZUKA Osamu's mangas and animations, became conscious of creation as a result of his encounter with the animation works of KURI Yoji and WADA Makoto, was fascinated with world masterpiece animation films at Anido Screening, and studied under SUZUKI Shinichi at a workshop at JAA, Japan Animation Association. Presented an independent work as a member of "Group EBISEN". Currently, teaches young students at the Department of Graphic Design, Tama Art University. Also director and secretary of Japan Animation Association. Director of Japan Society for Animation Studies. His visual works include: Film WA IKITEIRU, TEZUKA OSAMU Filmography, K・A, K・A2, and Winter Days.