11th Art Division Critiques

[Critique by work category] Still Image

We could not find a suitable candidate for awards amongst still image works. This describes the entire level of the Still Image Division of this year. Among those, Observation of Space by NISHIMURA Yoshiki, Visual Genealogy by SEO June Seok and PARK Jin Wan, lait, une couleur by Frode & Marcus, and Ordinary View in the City of Angeles by KAWASHIMA Takashi received recognition as the works gave us a sense of their possibilities. What I feel about the Still Image Division is that it would be difficult to practice a new presentation which no one has tried since techniques of all sorts have already existed in the world. So I suppose that the approach to discover an ever new context would be the way to follow in the future rather than taking a 20th century-like approach to seeking a new presentation. In a time when everything is possible with animation, composition, and computer graphics, perhaps we have come to a good time when an author can display the strength of a motionless piece of a still image. I would like to be able to place high expectations for the Still Image Division in the future.

Graphic Designer