10th Art Division Critiques

[Critique by work category] Still Image

I still believe that an image has the power to change the world. I want it to be able to shock me, as though I were struck in the face; that is art, I believe. It is difficult to identify such a work when exposed to a large number of varied still images; it would have been easier in the context of an exhibition or published medium. However, with the aid and advice of Ms. HASEGAWA Yuko, I have managed to choose 11 Recommended Works. Mr. NAKAE Masaaki's ROCKET portrays a rocket carried by a train, travelling at high speed with the sun setting in the distance, and another standing in a park amongst deer; the contrast between rockets and their situation is amusing. It was a pity that we could not find a work that possessed depth by virtue of its ordinary appearance, as was the case with award winning works in the past, such as Mr. HASHIMOTO Norihisa's life-size, Mr. KANO Yoshiyuki's Organization paper or Mr. FUTOYU Masaharu's FUTOYU GINKO-∞ YEN#SAM/ Indeed, it was Mr. HAYASHI Shunsaku's epic, Sagrada Familia Project that primarily drew our attention this year.

ASABA Katsumi
Art Director
Born in 1940. Through Light Publicity Ltd. , established ASABA Katsumi Design Inc. Worked on many advertisements for Suntory Ltd., Seibu Department Store, Ltd., and Misawa Homes Holdings Inc. He claimed many awards including the special prize in the Japan Advertising Artists Club, the Japan Advertising Award, a Medal with a Purple Ribbon, the Grand-Prix of Tokyo Art Director's Club Award, etc. Is currently a committee chairman of Tokyo ADC and a director of JAGDA. He has extensive knowledge of the living hieroglyph "Tompa characters" of China. Has reached the sixth rank in table tennis. Chairperson of the executive committee of AGI (Alliance Graphique Internationale) Congress 2006 in Japan.