12th Art Division Critiques

[Critique by work category] Still Image

In general, the Still Image works contained a diverse array of presentations and directions, and in this respect, they were impressive. However, apart from OUTSIDE, I did not encounter a work satirizing modern society, or carrying a strong social message. In that respect, it is no exaggeration to say that for me personally, OUTSIDE was the only piece of work that could be described as excellent. Why don't artists pay a little more attention to how amusing presentations or experiments are linked to modern society? If one's aim is merely to do something amusing, this will result in the work being weak. In this chaotic modern society, where nothing can be defined clearly, I would like artists to open up my eyes with some sharp dimensions. If the power of art cannot achieve this, what else can? It is no surprise that artists can produce skillful work if they use modern technology. The question, therefore, is whether they are aware of social issues before they tackle the work. The right direction would be to go toward the areas the artists are most aware of. Anyone without a strong awareness of social issues will never be able to create a work with a strong message. That is to say, in art, the question is how far you are able to drive yourself, which means a work will reveal the way of life of the artists themselves, and artists can never escape this.

Graphic Designer