11th Manga Division Critiques

[Critique by work category] Story Manga

"How and what I can choose...." that was my honest feeling during the screening sessions. It seemed the other jury members had a similar feeling, as the discussions were heated; "This work is interesting," "No, the subject of this work is more historical," "This work seems inconspicuous at a glance, but it surely isn't an ordinary work," "The experimental method of this work may have great potential," and so on: It was because the candidates of the Story Manga category were all outstanding. Those diverse opinions were reflecting the variety and high standard of the entries. Above all, what was most impressive for me was that, when we finally finished all the screening process, before I felt relieved, I felt like saying "sorry" to those that missed prizes.

Manga Artist
Born in 1958 in Shizuoka Prefecture.