12th Entertainment Division Critiques

[Critique by work category] Visual Image

The advance of technology has allowed new media, such as web sites and video games, to increase their degree of expressiveness, and use a greater variety of visual constructs. This has resulted in a tendency for the opening animations of games and the visual images on web sites to be of an increasingly higher quality. However, despite this inclination, it was the excellence of basic visual expression, as produced by the designers and developers of commercial messages, music videos, TV programs, or animations (a genre for which the visual image has been the main subject), that stood out this year.
Thanks to having co-jurors who were website and game professionals, I was able to assess each visual image work from a fresh point of view, and found that the screening sessions became opportunities for me to consider a new value for visual art. I was personally very much inspired and I will make use of this experience in the future for my own work.

TANAKA Hideyuki
He works as a video director and art director.