11th Art Division Critiques

[Critique by work category] Visual Image

As the number of entries which was over 250 shows, the visual image section attracts a variety of works in the Art Division. It was the same this year and we received many works from a wide variety including professionals and amateurs, with huge or small production costs, and utilizing a variety of methods. The Entertainment Division and the Animation Division also include the group of visual image works, so the Jury has to consider the intention of artists with which they ventured to make an entry to the Art Division. Such considerations as how clearly the intention of the artist was conveyed to the audiences in the time flow, and to what extent the unique viewpoint of the intention can have in the artistic field, were the points of screening.

HARADA Daisaburo
Professor, Tama Art University
Graduated from the Master's Program in Art and Design, the University of Tsukuba in 1983. In charge of direction of visual image for concert tours of SAKAMOTO Ryuichi, AMURO Namie, KOMURO Tetsuya, globe, LUNA SEA and other artists both in Japan and abroad and promotion videos, and opening images of films or VFX. In 1993, worked as a CG director for NHK Special - "Human 2 Brain & Mind". In 1994, awarded the 1st Japan Arts and Culture Award, and the MMA Chairperson's Award of Multimedia Grand-prix '94. Started creating SHARP AQUOS VP in May 2001. Currently a professor in the Department of Information Design, Tama Art University.