9th Art Division Critiques

[Critique by work category] Visual Image

In general, the quality of this year's applications was improved and diversification of technique stood out. By being offered technical advantages and a plummet in prices of software which supports making visual images, creators who have their own style in the fields of paintings and photographs have actively begun to create moving images. The lively presentation which is not framed in the conventional category of images is appealing and the artists venture to create animation with analog textures like ink brush paintings, etching and clay works, or a work in which time and space are reconstructed with full command in using photos. The increase in the number of works which adopt simple lineal drawing could be a reflection of recent trends in which the spread of super-real computer graphics awakened interest in a contrary stylized presentation. On the other hand, what was a pity was that there were not so many works which pursued programming, simulation and the possibilities of 3-D CG. Drawing digital presentations using the rich and varied expressions which have been cultivated by analog presentation as well as by pursuing the meaning of being with sharp digital technology will make the visual presentation in future further expressive.