7th Entertainment Division Critiques

[Critique by work category] Web

When entertainment is broadly defined as something "to delight people" or "to entertain people," it can be said that the Web, similar to games, is a medium that inherently involves much entertainment. However, as the purposes of the Web are many and varied, its entertainment is also varied in orientation. While in some cases, the Web contents contain some kind of entertainment, there are other cases where the interface of a site features entertainment. In some other cases, entertainment is achieved via a network, the greatest feature of the Web. Thus, the Web has a variety of orientations, and it was really difficult to evaluate such diverse works on one evaluation-axis. On the contrary, it can be said that it was nice to receive such a variety of Web works, but unfortunately, it is also true that quality of each work fell short of that of entertainment works submitted to other genres. One of the reasons could be that we received the Web works in two divisions of Art and Entertainment this year. We hope that we will receive a larger number of Web works as entertainment of high quality and with varied orientations.

MIYAZAKI Mitsuhiro
Art Director
Born in Tokyo, 1957. Graduated from TokyoZokeiUniversity, majored in Arts. After that was engaged in the art direction of a fashion magazine and entered AXIS in 1986. Has been involved in CI, art directions of a design magazine "AXIS" and various projects mainly in graphic design. Now, he works on many multi media designs together with paper media designs.