12th Entertainment Division Critiques

[Critique by work category] Web

It was a pity that, as with last year, many of the entries were confusing in appearance and empty of content, like over grown and ill maintained bonsai. One might have a great concept but nothing else, while another might be complacent in its expression, or merely rely on the latest technology, still others would just enumerate party tricks, and so on; such works cannot be called media arts. We sifted through the entries works and selected for the final screening session those that were the best; we looked for those that were challenging, beautiful, fun, surprising, expressed their contents well or were highly original. It may be a reflection of current trends that there were a number of submissions that attempted to create a new style of communication utilizing mobile phones. However, it was FONTPARK 2.0 that was awarded an Excellence Prize, exceeding the accomplishments of its rivals. It is significant that the high quality experience it provides was deemed to be the key reason for this award. This year we also received a number of business campaign advertisements; two of them were particularly excellent: driveeverydrop.com, which seeks to awaken us to environmental concerns, and its television commercial version, Drop. Although they did not win a prize, I would just like to mention that they were selected for the last screening session for both the Visual Image and Web Work categories and highly praised.

FUKUI Shinzo
Creative Director
Born in Kobe, 1959. Making use of his experience in the apparel industry, he became independent after extensive handling of advertisements and brand creation in the fashion world. In 1994, began to teach himself web design. In 2000, he established a design group called Business Architects, providing a variety of creative services centered on websites for various global companies. He left the company in 2005. In 2008, established SG&A, which implements global communication strategies. FUKUI has won many international design awards, including the 1995 London International Award, the 1995 GRAPHIS DESIGN, the Golden Prize in Web Design Award in 1999, the One Show Gold in 2003, the One Show Bronze in 2004, and the Communication Arts in 2005.