11th Art Division Critiques

[Critique by work category] Web

In these modern times when it is difficult to imagine being without the Internet in everyday life, I would say that there is already no one who has a doubt of the importance of the Internet in various social activities. It is certain that the Internet is a vital infrastructure especially in commercial activities although it includes many problems. In such social circumstances, what is the shape of the Internet in the world of art? This question has been posed in the Web Work section in the Art Division of the Festival during the past several years. There is a monolog-like website presented on the Internet which has an open window to the world from the beginning; or a work which deploys a matter that can be substituted by other media on the Internet. It is not possible to deny all such works, but, perhaps we have reached the time when we have to reconsider the effectiveness and attributes which the Internet has all over again.

HARADA Daisaburo
Professor, Tama Art University
Graduated from the Master's Program in Art and Design, the University of Tsukuba in 1983. In charge of direction of visual image for concert tours of SAKAMOTO Ryuichi, AMURO Namie, KOMURO Tetsuya, globe, LUNA SEA and other artists both in Japan and abroad and promotion videos, and opening images of films or VFX. In 1993, worked as a CG director for NHK Special - "Human 2 Brain & Mind". In 1994, awarded the 1st Japan Arts and Culture Award, and the MMA Chairperson's Award of Multimedia Grand-prix '94. Started creating SHARP AQUOS VP in May 2001. Currently a professor in the Department of Information Design, Tama Art University.