11th Entertainment Division Critiques

[Critique by work category] Web

When judging for the Japan Media Arts Festival, the things that I consider to be most important are, of course, the degree of perfection as a work of art, but also the degree of aesthetic sense displayed and a conceptual theme that appeals to our sensibilities. The level of comprehensibility is also important. Furthermore, for the judging of web works, which is a fairly new category, I try to evaluate whether there is any intention to exceed the works that preceded them or effort to challenge and breakthrough the existing stereotypes. This is because I believe that only work that has the result of providing people with new experiences has value in terms of establishing a new phase. These criteria determined which entries were suitable to be considered for the prize, which were then admitted to the final screening process. From amongst them, it was decided that DAYDREAM provided us the most vivid impression and rich interactive experience and so deserved to receive the highest evaluation.

FUKUI Shinzo
Creative Director
Born in Kobe, 1959. Making use of his experience in the apparel industry, he became independent after extensive handling of advertisements and brand creation in the fashion world. In 1994, began to teach himself web design. In 2000, he established a design group called Business Architects, providing a variety of creative services centered on websites for various global companies. He left the company in 2005. In 2008, established SG&A, which implements global communication strategies. FUKUI has won many international design awards, including the 1995 London International Award, the 1995 GRAPHIS DESIGN, the Golden Prize in Web Design Award in 1999, the One Show Gold in 2003, the One Show Bronze in 2004, and the Communication Arts in 2005.