9th Art Division Critiques

[Critique by work category] Web

This year, we had web works of high quality in general. However, it is regretful that not one of the works stood out among them. That is why the web works could not win a prize even though some were nominated. This year, the festival also attracted many applications from abroad and they are all at a high level. The style of the works has variety and many works challenged a new direction which gives me great expectations for next year. I had an impression there was a variety in levels among domestic applications. The nominees were high in quality compared with the work from abroad. However, this can be said especially with regard to the domestic works, that artists need to think strategically how they create their works within the category of web works in the Art Division. I also felt that we need to think seriously about the difference between entertainment and arts.
Obviously, it is clear that the genre of web works will gain an important place in artistic representation in the future. I sincerely hope that a work full of originality which reaches for a new expression will emerge next year.

NHK Commentator
Born in Kanagawa. Completed the GraduateSchool of Fine Arts at TokyoNationalUniversity of Fine Arts and Music. Designed NHK's logo mark and directed the TV program, NHK Special JINTAI, NOU TO KOKORO, and the high vision drama Dream TV 200X, etc. Also in charge of casting "Digital Stadium" from 2001 and a media literacy program "TAIKEN! Media- No-ABC" for children in the higher grades of elementary school, and an instructor of "SHUMI-YUYU Digital Video O TSUKAIKONASO". Selector of G Mark (Good Design Award).