15th Entertainment Division Critiques

Entertainment as designer of shared experience

Almost all of the works that impressed me most this year seem to have been those involving "events." Many were experiential exhibits or looked like video works, including, of course, the Grand Prize-winning SPACE BALLOON PROJECT, and it actually appears that many had been designed to share experiences using social media and streaming broadcasts. The fact that people have demanded "that" seems to provide a big hint when thinking about people and media environment.
Online environments penetrate deep into people's everyday lives and, as a result of the fact that social media has begun to provide information tailored to individuals, opportunities for many people to see and experience the same things have decreased. Perhaps as a backlash to this, many works that take a form that involves everyone watching the same thing and having a good time have appeared and become popular, and I would like to engrave this on my memory in regard to 2011. On the other hand, the number of entries for consumer games remained low this year. One wonders whether this means that these games are in decline.
However, many people enjoyed social apps. In addition, there were works created by game designers, such as Song of ANAGURA. These experiences accurately capture parts of the games of the past. Games have penetrated media environments and I do feel that it is just that we have lost the opportunity to call them games. Right now, I would like to ensure that we do not neglect to keep an eye out for something that has not yet come before the screening panel.

ITO Gabin
Editor / Creative Director
Editor and creative director.