19th Entertainment Division Critiques

Everything in the World Is Entertainment

These works of art are beyond the chaotic and unregulated categorization known as the Entertainment Division. That feeling has become stronger than last year, increasing the confusion and difficulties in comparing the incomparable and distinguishing the Grand Prize from the Excellence Award. Let's first be pleased with it. For it is fine for entertainment to be distantly aloof from such things as belonging to an existing order or being clearly useful and efficient for the society. For people and events trapped in midst of the system, it is hope that entertainment will bring pleasure even to them. It is fine if entertainment has no practical purpose other than to be amusing: There is a power in the abstract composition of Dark Echo, to make the player peek into the abyss of imagination by creating fear and fiction; the future is signaled by a robot which turns its weakness of plotting to coexist with man into an advantage in Drawing Operations Unit: Generation 1; the naturally produced pleasure and enjoyment of Solar Pink Pong is achieved by creating rules on streets with sunlight; the powerful feeling of being immersed and led into the depths of meditation unfolds in Prune through the abstract developments; the willpower to not synchronize with the groove in Thumper; the story that delivers the vivid body of hottamaru days; the sharpness of the interface in Black Death; the impressive way Zoom in Face is able to make us smile; the amazing simplicity of how Stand Book App brings people together; the power to realize a challenging idea in group_inou "EYE"; we liked "sushi-kun" in the Let's go! waku-waku park; we hope 2.5 Dimension Mask will continue to evolve; the meticulous making of Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls; the pleasures of interacting with animation in Plug & Play; and there are many others. Finally, Best way for counting numbers, which has the power to wrap them all together, and demonstrates the power of attraction and symbolism. Excitement heightens as we imagine a future where entertainment penetrates all corners of the globe, surfacing in all sorts of places.

Game Designer
Born in 1964. Game designer and writer. Responsible for the concept, screenplay and direction of a large number of games, including Puyo Puyo, Baroque, King of Wands, and Sozo to kotoba (Imagination and Words). His publications include Shigoto wo 100 bai tanoshiku suru project kouryaku bon (A Guide to Multiplying the Fun of Your Job by a Hundredfold) [KK Bestsellers], Jibun dake ni shika omoitsukanai aidea o mitsukeru hoho (How to Come Up with Ideas that Only You Can Find) [Nikkei Publishing], and Shiko tsuuru to shite no tarot (Tarot as a Tool for Thinking) [Kindle]. He is a member of the public gathering of haiku poets Tokyo Mach. He serves as a full-time lecturer for the Advanced Editing and Writing class organized by Sendenkaigi, and as a lecturer for the Training Hall of Expression at Ikebukuro Community College.