11th Entertainment Division Critiques

Expectations for inspiration by groundbreaking presentations and new creations

The entries for the Entertainment Division in 2007 were wide ranging and included High Definition (HD) media, portable media, a new platform and input device, new visual expressions, websites, toys and books; during the judging process, we gave most weight to the degree of innovation that was demonstrated. We awarded the Grand Prize to Wii Sports not just because it has introduced new ways to use controllers to interact and play, but also because of the success it has achieved in Japan and worldwide. Other award winning works included one concerned with the pursuit of innovative visual expression and another that, through the expert utilization of networking, created a new way to play and be entertained. Overall, this year it seemed as though we could glimpse a new paradigm of innovation. We expect to see more of this sort of work in the future, as it is able to inspire our culture on a global scale, beyond borders or generations.

Founder and CEO, Enhance / Director, Synesthesia Lab / Project Professor, Keio University Graduate School
Creator, game designer.