23rd Entertainment Division Critiques

Is Media Arts Non-essential and Non-urgent?

This year's judging was highly unusual. The coronavirus pandemic made us ponder if Media Arts is non-essential and non-urgent. There were actually many works that were influenced by the pandemic, in both good and bad ways. Many were noble-minded as they encompassed a strong desire to move forward through the media, precisely because of the time when people cannot physically interact. A time like this probably caused the birth of something tactile, or something that fills our physical distances. The works were highly diverse. There was a work for helping others through Media Arts, and in contrast, there was also a high-quality artistic work that allows people to immerse themselves to the point of escaping reality in times like this, giving us high expectations for future possibilities. What I particularly esteemed was finding handiworks, which are so heartwarming that they make me forget the technical aspects. The Grand Prize winner, ON-GAKU: OUR SOUND, is a truly rocking work. Each piece was hand-drawn, requiring an enormous amount of time, love, and passion. It is able to shake people's hearts so much because it was elaborately handmade. All award-winning works involve the passions of creators and enthusiastic production processes. In this dramatically changing time, I hope what evolves first will be people. People need people. As long as the works keep company with people, exceed our power, and guide us, people will also need Media Arts. This year, along with the works, has become unforgettable.

Communication Director, Art Director