9th Manga Division Critiques

It is Digital Manga, as opposed to “Animation”, that is now awaited

The increased number of applications received this year suggests that these awards are becoming increasingly widely recognized. It is also a good sign that there were not only circulated publications but also self-published manga and coterie magazine among the entries. Digital Manga is expected and intended to expand the possibilities of manga. However, there was noticeable confusion amongst entrants over what differentiates "Digital Manga" from "animation". Animation is animation, whether digital or analog. "Digital Manga", however, is intended "to cultivate new ways of presenting manga through applying digital techniques", and is supposed to be working towards this ideal. It was something of a pity that so many works entered in this category from abroad were actually animations.

Manga Artist
Born in Osaka. She received the first Kodansha Award for New Manga Artist with PIA NO SHOZO when she was still in high school. In 1974, she was presented a Kodansha Shuppan-Bunka-Sho for ASHITA KAGAYAKU and HIMEGA IKU! Major works: ASUNAROZAKA; AIJINTACHI; ARIES NO OTOMETACHI; GIRISHA SHINWA; and many others. Currently working on an illustrated book, TENJO NO NIJI, which depicts the world of MANYOSYU. Professor of the Character Creative Arts Department at OsakaUniversity of Arts, and Executive Director of Manga Japan.