13th Entertainment Division Critiques


It is, of course, a difficult task to evaluate games within a limited time (and budget), and probably there is no single procedure or criteria that everyone can agree on. What I did for the screening of the games was to try to capture them as games, and not as visual images, and for those that I found interesting, I actually played them myself as much as I could. The fact that the award-winning game title was excellent in terms of visual imagery, and that many winners were chosen from categories other than the game division itself is simply a result of this evaluation process. Currently, games are caught in a period of reformation, both as business and a culture. Depending on generations and the countries, it might be normal for people to think that games are played on mobile phones. It is also an undeniable possibility that the mainstream of the game market will no longer be the game software for the major consoles.

Contents Producer
Born in 1958. After graduating from Keio University, he studied visual creation in New York. After returning to Japan, he worked on visual images and game creations as a freelancer. Since 2001, he has focused on 'money' as a concept. His most significant works include "Credit Game Exhibition" (ICC Mediart Exhibition, Guest Curator), "Money Smart" (published by Kadokawa Shoten), Money Smart typeR (PC Game published by Synforest Inc.), M.I.Q. (original story for a manga comic published by Kodansha), and more.