13th Animation Division Critiques

NOMURA Tatsutoshi

I would like to comment on the recommended works, mainly on the short animations that came close to winning a prize. HAND SOAP, which perfectly depicts the turmoil and pangs of puberty in the most unpleasant manner, received a large number of votes because of its completeness and originality. However, after a heated discussion of its artistic merit and decency, it ended up not being selected. a formula of forgotten planet, too, is a powerful piece of work, which depicts an inner journey almost equal to a return to the womb in aquarelle from a woman's viewpoint. Whether its narrative and sentiments appealed to the jury's sympathies or not split the vote in the final screening. Both Lizard Planet and the only one room are pleasant works with high-quality finish, which reached the final stage of voting. I personally enjoyed the comically malevolent family in Fuji-log. The jury members try to eliminate personal likes and dislikes from their deliberations, but admittedly, the final decision is likely to reflect one's own preferences. Yet, works created with great devotion and with no attempt at flattery are admirable and moving. I have been re-inspired to persist my own quest.

NOMURA Tatsutoshi
Animation Artist
Born in Mie. Graduated from the Department of Graphic Design at Tama Art University, then entered ROBOT Communications Inc. Worked as a CM director then became involved in the production of various animation works including, Stray Sheep for Fuji Television, then Jam the HOUSENAIL, Neko no Sakusen, the TV animation series Nanami-chan, and NetoAni (Net Anime) Moon Boon. Currently works in Animation Studio CAGE. His activities encompass broad areas including original works, CMs, TV programs, Web, picture books, and illustrations.