13th Art Division Critiques

OKAZAKl Kenjiro

Media arts have not yet been determined as a specified genre of expression. Since everything that constructs culture is media, the reason why we need to call it media art is that it includes criticism of established media. The criticism includes the conventional way of using media and shows the possibilities of creating new media structures. Therefore, the use of leading-edge media and technologies is not a sufficient condition for media art. What sort of relationship and function does the expression create and how does it organize new time and space as media (beyond established media)? That is the issue. What this question means is that art is art because it one-ups current social demand (necessity), and it can be said to have public value only in this regard. Mere technological sophistication becomes rather detrimental if it is evaluated esthetically. Taking the example of reproducing natural generativeness by playing with the idea of nonlinearity and full use of algorithms, if it results in the esthetic of admiring natural changes, state-of-the-art technology is not necessary. A traditional garden is all that is needed.

OKAZAKl Kenjiro
Professor, International Center for Human Sciences, Kinki University
Born in Tokyo, 1955. OKAZAKI Kenjiro is a visual artist and critic who has been exhibitinghis works in various international exhibitions since he was invited to the Paris Biennale in1982. In 2002, he held a largescale solo exhibition at the Sezon Museum of Modern Art. He hasalso been constantly at the forefront of radical art activities, such as being the director of theJapanese Pavilion of the 8th Venice Biennale of Architecture in 2002, and collaborating with thecontemporary choreographer Trisha BROWN. His major books include "Renaissance Keiken noJoken" (Renaissance: The Condition of Experience, Chikuma Shobo) and "Rerorero-kun" (writtenjointly with PARK Kyong-Mi, published by Shogakukan). He is a professor and Deputy Director ofthe International Center for Human Sciences at Kinki University.