14th Entertainment Division Critiques

Stretching the potential of media

This division consistently remains at the industry's front line and is an area that must boldly try new possibilities while being subjected to the consequences of competition and evolution. At the same time, the category allows us to experience a large variety of different trials.
I saw many works in the moving images and website genres that made new attempts while questioning the very grounds of their genres. In particular, this year Twitter gathered a great deal of attention, and I felt that IS Parade had utilized the Twitter concept for entertainment purposes in an easily comprehendible manner from a rather early stage.
In addition, trials that integrate both moving images and website are very common, giving birth to such fun content as the Tabio Slide Show and SHIRO CHEERS SYSTEM. I was disappointed in the game genre, as it was split between major hit series' and smaller works, and there were few entries from the attention-grabbing areas like SNS games.
I hope that a greater number of people will take part in these stimulating areas, where entertainment is spreading the limits of media, and that there will be a larger number of entries in the future.

TERAI Hironori
Creative Director
He is a producer at P.I.C.S. and many of his works have won awards in Japan and overseas.