12th Entertainment Division Critiques

TANAKA Hideyuki

For this division, numerous works based around different media platforms were screened together as a group. To be honest, I was perplexed at first, but when the actual screening session started, the chaotic looking selection unexpectedly demonstrated a unity of direction, something that could not have emerged if they had been judged within the limited scope of existing genre divisions.
Although continuing technological improvement in modern times has wrought great changes on the entertainment industry, it seems that designers have been given a new subject, a new relationship between art and man.
This year's Grand Prize winning-work, TENORI-ON, in addition to its excellence and entertainment value, was also a symbolic and innovative collaborative project; furthermore, there is great potential for new works to be born from it. I believe it to be no coincidence that all the award winning works have key factors of their own, as well as interesting modes of expression.

TANAKA Hideyuki
He works as a video director and art director.