14th Art Division Critiques

The advent of the conversion-type art model

Today, I believe that the most important question being asked in the field of art is regarding the correlation between the global and the local. The answer to that question sometimes manifests itself in the form of Cool Japan or otaku, borderless Internet companies, and as value in the art market. However, for this screening, I sensed that mainly the impact made by the installations was too grand to be captured in such a framework. As the existing areas of contemporary art face major bottlenecks, the techno art model continues to shift into position as the key art model of our era. However, that is not an evaluation of the innovation of machines and systems. Nor is it because humans have mastered such machinery and systems and expanded sensation and perception.
Art is a value-transforming mechanism and it is on the verge of being reformed.This is a conversion-type art model that goes beyond the placement or participation models. The key lies in how existing museums and galleries incorporate that as art. I hope that visitors will experience this anticipation at the exhibit.

GOTO Shigeo
Professor, Kyoto University of Art and Design
Born in Osaka, 1954. GOTO Shigeo is an editor and creative director. Professor at Kyoto University of Art and Design. He has been involved in the compilation of many art books and photo collections. He is the director of G/P gallery (a gallery dedicated to photography and graphics located in Ebisu, Tokyo). He also opened a new gallery, g3/, which combined with his editors' school SUPER SCHOOL at 3331 Arts Chiyoda in June 2010. He started an art fair TOKYO FRONT LINE as a 5year plan.