14th Animation Division Critiques

The importance of animation experienced through the ear

Thanks to digital technologies, the power of expression has expanded dramatically not only in commercial works, but also in independent animation productions. The technological barriers that in the past stood between the passion for creation and the results have vanished, and many works submitted from art universities are a must see and fill us with expectations and hope for the future. What creators must not forget is the audio element, which comprises voice acting, music and sound effects. Even more important than the benefits of digital technologies are the elements achieved through cooperation and collaboration among creators of the same generation. The Tatami Galaxy, which won the Grand Prize after a spirited debate, is impressive with the flood-like dialogue; in Fumiko's Confession, the story would be incomplete without the screams of the protagonist Hina; in Mai Mai Miracle, the expressiveness of the leading actress FUKUDA Mayuko enhances the sparkle of the imaginary world. Against the backdrop of the general improvement in the quality of drawings, the screening in this year's festival highlighted the exciting future possibilities ahead of animation that is experienced through the ear.

Born in 1965 in Tokyo. Film and special effects director. Received a Japan Academy Film Prize for his effects work on the Heisei Gamera series. Directed Lorelei (2005), Sinking of Japan (2006), and The Floating Castle (2012).