9th Entertainment Division Critiques

The merit of Commercial Videos; the entertainment nature within them

The establishment of the Entertainment Division opened the way for the entry of "Commercial Videos", which occupies a space at then very opposite end of "art". ShibauraIsland is a CG image, but it still retains an impressive and airy feeling. WAMONO, which was one of the final contestants for the Grand Prize, is a very high quality work, both in character designs and screen construction. It is a merit of Commercial Videos that they tend to be self - contained and complete. The winner of the Grand Prize Flipbook! is a website, which elicited some discussion as to whether it could truly be considered a work. However, it was agreed that the piece gives us a fresh impression and advanced perception of "the future of the media". A commercial website, Vodafone Design File, has also received recognition this year. In the game category, nintendogs, which introduces a new style of gaming, was awarded a prize; it was the degree to which it made us spontaneously think "cute" that was most impressive, but with regards to games generally, I am anticipating more fresh sensation in the future.

Director of TV Commercials
Born in Fukuoka, 1959. While directing nearly 40 CM films a year, he works as a managing executive officer, a member of the board of Tohokushinsha Film Corporation and a professor at TamaArtUniversity. Awarded various prizes for his highly entertaining digital tech-driven CM films. Major Works: Nissin Cup Noodle hungry?(Grand-Prix at Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival), Suntory DAKARA SHOBEN-KOZO, HONDA STEP WGN, and Suntory IEMON.