14th Entertainment Division Critiques

What lies beyond the great turning point

As someone that has been belonged to advertising, I was disappointed in the lack of attractiveness on average of the advertisements.
New expressions and ideas that captured people's hearts once spread throughout the world from advertisements.
Today, however, these are generated from MVs or interactive art. A large number of stimulating works have actually been found in these areas. I felt a somewhat of a similar sense of stagnation with the games as well. Of course there were numerous games released this year that were worth playing, but most of them were socalled sequels.
I was left with the impression that these works lack innovativeness compared to Award-Winning Works of the past that have offered us a new style of enjoyment. At the same time, attractive MV works have worked to provide a new brand of sensory experience, not using conventional image methods. Entertainment itself may be reaching a major turning point. Conversely, I believe that that also means we can look forward to what is to come.

Creative Director
Born in Saitama, 1961. UCHIYAMA Koshi has been actively involved in fields that stand at the crossroads of advertisement, entertainment and technology. Defying the boundaries of mere creative agencies or production companies, he has been providing forward-looking marketing solutions that fuse digital communication and entertainment ideas. He has received the Cannes Lions Gold Award three times as well as numerous other advertisement and design awards from around the globe. At the Japan Media Arts Festival, he has received two Excellent Prizes, and four of his works have been selected as Jury Selections.