14th Entertainment Division Critiques

Works that cannot be isolated as works

It was difficult to examine all the entries for the game genre. How is one supposed to grasp and evaluate the sequel to a major hit game? How can these be compared to a work that compiles new ideas into something smaller? The axes of evaluation are too far apart, leaving them incomparable.
But this is probably because I simply did not encounter a work that was remarkably new.
Honestly, the consumer game market in Japan has gone astray. Meanwhile, I think that the entertainment world still has some juice left, as we are drawn in by various different things everyday.
Over the past few years we have become rather addicted to social networking amusement via the Internet. However, I have doubts about whether that can be evaluated as a "work" on an individual level. A vast majority of the works that gathered the support of the screening committee are linked to the current un-isolatable nature of the entertainment industry.

ITO Gabin
Editor / Creative Director
Editor and creative director.