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Born in 1956, ENAMI began his career as a graphic designer and founded Propel ler Art Works in 1981. As an art director and exposition image director, he won the Grand Prize for Best Visual Artwork at the Multimedia Grand Prix Exhibition for the Japan Pavilion at Genoa Expo '92. That same year he opened Digitalogue, a gallery specializing in digital works, and in 1993 founded Digitalogue Co., Ltd. He saw the potential of CD-ROMs as independent media in an era when electronic media were not yet a common platform for artistic expression, and published a CD-ROM photo book by GOMI Akira titled YELLOWS. This seminal work caused a sensation, became a big hit, and turned into a series. It was followed by fur ther high-quality titles by such artists as ARAKI Nobuyoshi, HIBINO Katsuhiko, and TANAKA Noriyuki . With 1996's JUNGLE PARK ENAMI also broke new ground in interactive digital media. Through such projects as the font pavilion series, which showcased the debut of many emerging talents, he pioneered new forms of expression at the dawning of the CD-ROM era. He has won numerous awards, including the Silver Prize for New Media from the New York ADC for Gardens in Kyoto in 1998. That same year he was appointed to the MILIA '98 international multimedia jury and published OUT OF DESIGN, a handbook on computer-based graphic design. Mandala: The Sacred Cosmos won the AMD Best Visual Designer Award, 80th New York ADC Merit Award and the Multimedia Grand Prix Education Award in 2000. In 2002 ENAMI himself received the AMD Achievement Award, and in 2005 AMD inaugurated the Enami Naomi Award, presented annually to top emerging artists.
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