INUKI Kanako


Manga Artist and Visiting Professor, Osaka University of Arts

Born in 1958 in Hokkaido. She made her debut with a special edition of Shojo Friend [Kodansha]. Since the beginning of the series Suspense and Horror [Kodansha, 1989-] she has been drawing the covers and front pages of its magazines. In 1989 she also released one of her best-known works, Fushigi no Tatarichan (Strange Tatari) [Kodansha, 1992-]. In 1992 INUKI drew the covers and front pages for many publishers. At this time, her works were first used as the basis for original video animations. A judge for the Kanako INUKI Manga Award, she has also regularly served as a selection member for several horror manga magazines. In 2001 an exhibition of her works was held at the National Museum of China in Beijing as part of the 1st Japan-China Non-governmental Cultural Exchange. INUKI is a jury member of Manga no Hi and the Japan Manga Association Award. Since 2008 she has been a visiting professor at Osaka University of Arts. Solo exhibitions of her work were held in France in 2011 and in Ginza, Tokyo in 2013. In April 2014 she was appointed as a lecturer at Tokyo University of the Arts. In 2016 the exhibition Hora-mangaka Inkuki Kanako no sekai (Horror-Manga Artist—The world of INUKI Kanako) was held at Nihon University College of Art's Archive and Museum.

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