Manga Journalist

Born in 1970 in Kanagawa Prefecture. After working as an editor at Amazon Japan she became a freelance writer in 2003. Since then, she has planned and written articles related mainly to manga, such as interviews with manga artists and serial columns in magazines including Da Vinci, Morning, and Lettuce Club. Her books include Manga no no kitaekata (How to Train Manga Brains) [Shueisha, 2010], for which she conducted interviews with artists about their working techniques; We are uchu kyodai—Uchu hikoshi no sokojikara (We Are Space Brothers—The Strength of Astronauts), for which she interviewed astronauts and space development specialists; and We are uchu kyodai—Uchu wo butai ni katsuyaku suru hitotachi (We Are Space Brothers—People Active on the Stage of Space) [Morning Editorial Department, Kodansha, +a Shinsho, 2012]. She also edited a language studies book in France, Le Japonais du Manga, co-authored with Misato RAILLARD [Assimil, 2015], which features Japanese manga terms for French manga fans.

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