KOIDE Masashi


Animation Researcher and Professor, Tokyo Zokei University

Born in 1957 in Aichi Prefecture. Graduated from Tokyo Zokei University’s Department of Design with a major in film. He became a professor at Tokyo Zokei University in 1988. Specializing in communication design, film and animation studies, he is involved in education and research in the area of communication design, research in animation theory, as well as planning and organizing activities including study sessions, seminars, workshops, exhibitions, and film festivals. KOIDE is the chair of the Japan Society for Animation Studies, the executive chairman of New Chitose Airport International Animation Festival, an executive committee member of the Inter College Animation Festival (ICAF), a member of the Japan Society of Image Arts & Sciences (JASIAS), the Association Internationale du Film d’Animation (ASIFA), and other organizations. He has recently published as a co-author and editor: Eiga hyakka daijiten (Film Encyclopedia) [Nihon Tosho Center, 2008], Anime-shon no jiten (Animation Encyclopedia) [Asakura Shoten, 2012] and Gendai dezain jiten (Contemporary Design Encyclopedia) [Heibonsha, 2014].

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