KUDO Takeshi


Curator, Aomori Museum of Art

Born in 1967, he has been affiliated with the Aomori Museum of Art since its set-up phase. KUDO specializes in Japanese postwar (WWII) art. He has been engaged in many projects that question the system of “art” and “exhibitions.” He has curated exhibitions including TATEISHI Tiger 1963-1993 (1994), YAMAMOTO Sakubei (1996), Jomon to gendai (The Jomon Period and the Present) (2007), The TERAYAMA SHUJI Theatre-Museum (2008), Love Love Show (2009), Art and Air (2012), and TOHL NARITA—Art / Special Effects / Monsters. He has also curated tour exhibitions such as The Chronicles of KAIYODO (from 2004 on, Art Tower Mito, Taipei Fine Arts Museum, et al.) and Box Art (from 2006 on, Shizuoka Prefectural Museum of Art, et al.). In recent years he formed Torimega Lab, which conducts research on visual cultures, together with MURAKAMI Atsushi (Shizuoka Prefectural Museum of Art) and KAWANISHI Yuri ( Iwami Art Museum, Shimane Arts Center). They have presented two exhibitions so far, Robots and the Arts (2010) and Bishojo: Young Pretty Girls in Art History (2014). His books include Aomori Art Museum Concept Book [Space Shower Books, 2014].
( 2017 )

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