Lars Magnus HOLMGREN

Lars Magnus Holmgren Lars migrated to Australia with his family in 1974. He was educated in Sydney, NSW whereby he gained his secondary higher school certificate qualification and later Art Certificate in the Honours Grade and finally Bachelor of The Arts Degree with Distinctions. Lars is a professional artist with expertise in the Computer Graphics industry as Conceptual Designer, 3D animator and Director. He has 9 years of experience in film and Commerials. The TV series Tall Small Stories which he directed and animated has won him many awards with acceptance into 18 festivals and articles in 2 well respected industry journals. Lars has recently relocated in London, where he currently works as director and Senior CG animator. Freedom is the guiding call for Lars, and he hopes to reach out to the global market with creatively 'free' challenging and wildly individual innovative future works. Lars has been actively involved in A Multimedia-performance-art group called Scratch My Nose. SMN have gained cult audience in Australia for their situationalist performances. They have also won awards for their short(super8 animated films) and released a CD of their sound work entitled SCREW. Lars also has an active interest in various martial art and esroteric/spiritual systems of study. In this 'go go go' age it is wise to be resourceful, and infinite 'quality' recources can be reached 'within'. Knowledge of the physical, mental and spiritual 'create' harmony, peace and the inspiration to 'create'.
( 1999 )