Born in Kochi, 1928. Joined Southern Manchuria Railroad at the age of 15, and faced the end of WW II in China. After returning to Japan, he experienced more than 30 jobs, from a crew member of a tuna boat to a single-rod bonito fisherman in Tosa, to working for an ad agency. In 1964, triggered by the his son's admission to elementary school, he started the small model shop KAIYODO in Moriguchi city, Osaka. KAIYODO, armed with his original ideas and energy, stirred up the model boom of sailing ships or combat vehicles, and received nationwide publicity. In 2005, he assumed the position of Representative at RYUYUKAN Co., Ltd, and also opened the KAIYODO Figure Museum-KUROKABE in Nagahama city, Shiga. His wrote the book KAIYODO MONOGATARI (KODANSHA).
( 2005 )