Animation Director

Born in 1959 in Wakayama Prefecture. After serving as an assistant animation director for AKIRA, he directed MEMORIES (EPISODE 1) - MAGNETIC ROSE, EXTRA, Animatrix, Genius Party Beyond - Dimension Bomb #5 and the opening of SHORTPEACE. Genius Party Beyond - Dimension Bomb #5 was screened in the exhibition MOEBIUS-TRANS-FORME at the Foundation Cartier pour l'Art Contemporain in Paris and during the Little Tokyo Design Week in Los Angeles. In 2011, his interactive web commercial Attraction was awarded a Silver Award in the Cyber Division at the Cannes International Creativity Festival. In 2013, he participated as animation director in A Better Tomorrow, which was part of Lexus Short Films, a hybrid multi-media production organized by LEXUS and produced by The Weinstein Company, and which premiered at the Cannes International Film Festival. In that same year, he wrote and directed Sheepman 012, his first work for the stage. In 2014, he created a 15-second teaser for the new album of the internationally acclaimed instrumental post-rock band MONO.


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