NAKAZAWA is an artist, born in 1963 in Niigata Prefecture. While studying at the Medical Department of Chiba University in 1983, he began his first artistic activities (acrylic painting). In 1990 he switched careers from being an oculist to an illustrator. He commenced a second artistic period, Silly CG, by replacing paintbrushes with a computer mouse. In 1997 he made a shift to fine art, substituting computer graphic pixels with symbols such as letters (this was his third artistic period, Method Painting). He resumed the use of colors in 2004, entering his fourth period, Serious Painting, New-Method and others. He wrote Methodicist Manifesto and New-Methodicist Manifesto. As named in official patent records, NAKAZAWA is the inventor of “Voxel Data Processing Using Attributes Thereof” and “Solid Object Generation.” He has published three books: Textbook of Modern Art History, The Lives of Western Painters, and Art History: Japan 1945-2014. He has also released music entitled Hideki Nakazawa Music Works. He won the MMA Artist Prize at the Multimedia Grand Prix '95 and the Encouragement Prize at VOCA 2003. He founded the Artificial Intelligence Art and Aesthetics Research Group and has been its representative since 2016.

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