OHARA Hidekazu


Animation Director and Animator

Born in Kagoshima Prefecture, 1956. He works as a producer and director of all kinds of animation, including 3D computer graphics. His voluminous works involve concepts, character design, and more for short films, feature-length films, and promotion videos. OHARA's highlights include commercials⁠⁠ for Qoo soft drinks, a Slam Dunk / Hokorikun-no-Gyakushu mashup for Shiseido, and Tensai Bakabon for Bakauke snacks⁠; animated films COMBUSTIBLE, Cannon Fodder, and AKIRA; animated television series Folktales from Japan, Suzy's Zoo, and Tensai Bit-Kun; a picture book entitled Tonosama to Umi, and a promotion video entitled Flying Lotus-More.

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